Weatherproofing with HB42

Rain water missing gutter repair with HB42 Brown

We’ve had some lovely weather recently, but it wouldn’t be Summer in the UK without the occasional down pour.

It is so important to make sure your house project is properly weatherproofed and sealed. HB42 can be used inside and outside for sealing windows and doors, and filling any interior and exterior cracks and gaps which might be vulnerable to water absorption.

HB42 is water resistant and creates a flexible hold to almost any substrate giving it the strength to withstand building movement in adverse weather.

When I found that rainwater was running down and missing the end of the gutter and dripping down by my front door, I knew exactly what to use. The original solution of applying standard silicone to ‘glue’ the end of the gutter to the vertical hung tiles has failed. This was bound to happen as standard silicone does not have the strength to resist the pull of repeated expansion and contraction of the plastic guttering.

  1. Firstly, the roof was cleaned ready for HB42 fillet

2. Fillet of brown HB42 sealant applied and shaped to direct rainwater into the gutter.


#1           The preferred solution would be to insert lead sheet behind the vertical tiles and dress it over the sloping tiles and into the gutter, funnelling the rainwater into the gutter. However this would be a more time consuming and costly repair.

#2           This repair was carried out whilst everything was wet.


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