Filling in the cracks

Repairing a Cracked Concrete Windowsill Using HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Le Filla

A friend of mine has a concrete bay windowsill with 4 cracks in it. They had been filled by a variety of methods over the years; sand and cement, silicone, unidentified soft and powdery filler…None of the methods were working. I decided to start again with HB42 Le Filla.

Step 1:

Old filler removed down to a stable base and cracks cleaned up and ready for filling.

Step 2:

Mix Le Filla. Tip: Mix Le Filla in 2 separate batches. If I had mixed up just 1 batch it would have started curing long before I had completed filling them all.

Step 3:

Apply Le Filla. To limit effort in removing unwanted filler it’s important to only apply to the level needed and clean-up surrounding area before it cures.

Step 4:

Remove excess Le Filla from the surrounding area. Tip: I found this abrasive brush very useful in removing not quite cured filler from surrounding area. I also used it to clean-up the cracks before filling.

Step 5:

Sanding down after Le Filla has just cured.

All 4 cracks filled, sanded and ready for painting.


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