Super Instant Grab Adhesive

Strength Test


I knew that HB42 Grab Adhesive could bond heavy items, but I wanted to put it to the test.

A test specimen was made in my garden, from 18mm thick MDF, comprising two overlapping panels. 3 parallel lines of HB42 Grab Adhesive were applied to one of the MDF panels and the second panel was firmly pressed onto it. The test specimen was allowed to fully cure.

After curing, one side of the test specimen was suspended via a block and tackle system and 4 standard builders concrete blocks suspended from the other side. The concrete blocks weighed in total 77Kg (12 stone).

The grab adhesive bond was put in ‘sheer’ mode, its usual application, for example; when supporting material bonded to a vertical surface.

This is just an example of the strength and flexibility of HB42 Grab Adhesive.If you are wanting to use the Grab Adhesive as a fixing solution that replaces nails then make sure surfaces are clean from dust and grease. And I would always recommend – as it states on the tube – to use temporary support and mechanical fixings in overhead applications.

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