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HB42 Eco-Foil

HB42 Eco-Foil Environmentally friendly, less plastic, less waste. The Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive in an Eco-Foil pack!

HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler

HB42 White Wood Filler is a 2-part, styrene free, professional grade wood filler. For tough, long-lasting repair on all woods inside and out.

HB42 Ultimate Silicone

Professional quality, high gloss silicones – ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms. Mould-resistant and non-staining.

HB42 Ultimate Sealants

HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive – Seals, Sticks and Fills & HB42 ‘Super’ Grab Adhesive bonds heavy items instantly! Advanced hybrid polymer technology delivers outstanding adhesion and strength – use inside, outdoors and even in the wet!

High Performance Premium Trade Products

Ultimate Caulk

Double the flexibility at 12.5%. Fill deeper, wider & overpaint in 1 hour!

HB42 Eco-Foil The Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive

Environmentally friendly, less plastic, less waste… plus get 30% more sealant for your money! The Ultimate All-In-One Sealant & Adhesive in an Eco-Foil pack

HB42 the Ultimate Answer to Sealing & Fixing

HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive

Based on advanced hybrid polymer technology. HB42 seals, sticks and fills delivering outstanding adhesion and strength. HB42 can be used inside and outdoors, from sealing bathrooms to guttering; bonding in the wet and even under water!

Advanced Technology • Skins in 10mins • Low VOCs • Antifungal • Use in Wet & Dry • Over Paint

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“The biggest testament to HB42 is the amount of customers we have had try it, and then stick to it. No pun intended. It now outsells all other brands in all of our stores”

Joe Drago

Department Manager, Franchi PLC

Roger Bisby Testimonial

You can have confidence using HB42 for sticking, sealing and filling gaps and it works remarkably well”

Professional Builder Magazine

Roger Bisby

Builder and Journalist

…rapidly become a firm favourite with our commercial customers through its versatility, excellent strength and its very competitive pricing – a must have item for every toolbox.”

Frank Zazzi

General Manager, Nu-Line Builders Merchants

HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler

HB42 White Wood Filler is a 2-part, styrene free, professional grade wood filler. For tough, long-lasting repair on all woods inside and out.

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Premium Trade Products. Trade Strength. Manufactured to the Highest Quality

HB42 Ultimate Silicone

HB42 Ultimate Silicone 310ml cartridge is a professional grade, high gloss silicone ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms. Easy to apply and smooth, it creates a long-lasting flexible seal that is waterproof, weatherproof and importantly mould-resistant

HB42 Ultimate Grab

The Ultimate answer to fixing… is based on instant grab technology, a SUPER strength Trade Adhesive that will even bond in the wet. For fixing large panels, wall boards, windowsills, dado rails, and bonding brick slips, claddings and sanitary fixtures

HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Le Filla

A rapid hardening polyester filler paste for the filling and repairing of holes and surface imperfections in a wide range of materials – Wood, Metal, Plaster, GRP, Concrete and more.

HB42 Ultimate Bond

Super Strength Mitre bond activator, will create an instant bond on many substrates including MDF, Acrylic, PBV, Timber, Steel, Rubber, Leather, Ceramics and Aluminium. A perfect Mitre every time – the ultimate bonding kit!

HB42 Ultimate Solvent

All-In-One’… Cleans & Removes. Safely removing sealants and adhesives and other stubborn deposits – fast acting on dirt, chewing gum, tar, wax, adhesive labels and even ‘splashes of cement’.

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HB42 wins the Professional Builder 'Top Product' Award 2019 for our New 'Eco-Foils'



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