HB42 Ultimate LXP Foam

NEW HB42 LXP Low Expansion Expanding Foam

HB42 Ultimate LXP Foam is ultra-low expansion foam, perfect for fixing window and door frames, insulating cavities, cracks, gaps and surroundings of pipework (hot or cold), cables and ducting. Its
superior adhesion allows it be used on concrete, brick, stone, wood, plaster, metal, plastics and more.

Ultra Low Expansion means it doesn’t rise or expand as much as the other foam, making it less permeable to air and moisture and therefore supremely strong.

HB42 is not only ultra low expansion, but also has a Unique Start / Stop Valve which stops it from curing in the can, so you can pick it up and use again, and most importantly waste less!* *the straw will still have to be cleaned out each time.

  • Unique Start/Stop Valve (Max 5 presses*)
  • Less Waste
  • Super Adhesion
  • Ultra Low Expansion
  • High Fill Capacity
  • Concrete, Brick, Stone, Wood, Plaster
  • Available in Gun Grade

*cleaning of nozzle essential with conventional acetone


…the ideal gap filler

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