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#TradesTalk’s recent sustainability survey has highlighted that the trade would like to see more done to eradicate waste:

  • 87% said sustainability and the environmental impact of construction work is an important issue for them
  • 97% believes the industry could be less wasteful in terms of packaging
  • 100% agree that product manufacturers should bring more innovative, less wasteful packaging to market
  • 81% would expect the cost of more sustainable packaging to be the same
  • 78% said they would buy foils over single use plastic sealant cartridges

It is great to get feedback from #TradesTalk – it is encouraging to see support for tackling environmental problems such as disposing of the single use plastic cartridge. The move to Eco-Foils is a simple one for installers. They are very durable and the foil guns are easy-to-use and keep extremely clean throughout their use. They also take a plastic sealant cartridge so can be used with every type of sealant if required. At the end of their life, the waste left over from foils is tiny compared to the plastic tubes and the foils are much easier to dispose of.