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1 Feb, 2022

What is Styrene-Free?

Our HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler is Styrene-Free. But what does that mean, and why is it a good thing? 

Styrene is a clear, colourless liquid that is derived from petroleum and natural gas by-products, but which also occurs naturally. Styrene is commonly used in the binding of agents which can be Lightweight, Flexible & Strong.

Given its properties it is now widely known as aggressive & harmful to the environment especially when inhaled. HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler is Styrene-Free and is therefore safer to use and meets new legislation on styrene exposure. Instead of styrene, a co-polymer is added to the mix (We won’t get more “sciency” than that!)

The effects of Styrene Inhalation

According to a government study inhalation of styrene vapour is the most common route of occupational exposure. Acute exposure to styrene by inhalation can give rise to irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, causing increased nasal secretion, wheezing and coughing.

With HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler, you notice a milder smell compared to the Styrene based Wood Fillers and less effect on your respiratory system, without losing any of the powerful and smooth finish the trade needs to get the job done.

Ultimate Performance

HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler is perfect for all professional wood repairs inside and out. With an easy mix application, the filler sets hard to a strong finish in 30 minutes for a weatherproof repair. Once dry, the filler can be drilled, carved, sanded or planed. It is paintable and stainable and perfect for repairing wood damaged by wet rot on furniture, windowsills, frames, doors and banisters.

White and natural HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler can also be used on grain filling and repairs to shakes, cracks, splits and knot holes. It can even repair wooden constructions including some marine applications.

HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler is available in three new sizes too: 275g, 550g, and 1kg White and Natural finishes and available from builders and decorators merchants.

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