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6 Mar, 2017

Breathe easy with HB42

Breathe easy with HB42

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Avoid VOC emissions with HB42. Having undergone stringent testing, HB42 has been awarded the GEV Emicode EC1 accreditation for very low emissions, making it one of the safest sealant & adhesives on the market.

The GEV (Association for the Control of Emission in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Construction Materials) established in 1997, carried out laboratory tests on HB42, reflecting the conditions under which the product will be used. Subject to these tests, HB42 has been given the EC1 Emicode Classification, the best class, recognised for more than a decade as the standard for very low-emission products.

These days, many building and maintenance companies face strict rules regarding solvent based products which cause VOC emissions. Whether they are working in high traffic areas such as a shopping centre or on jobs where a quick turnaround is required, companies have to be much more sensitive about the products they use. In the past, it was believed that solvent-free products lacked the performance of traditional sealants & adhesives but now the introduction of new formulas, (such as the hybrid polymer technology in HB42) in a number of cases, outperform them.

One HB42 user said:

“While working on a shop fitting job in a shopping centre in West London I found HB42 the perfect product. The shopping centre had strict rules regarding solvent based products due to the type of working environment. We used HB42 Grab Adhesive for bonding laminates, skirtings, and trims and HB42 Sealant & adhesive for decorative work due to its ease of over painting. HB42 is my go to product from now on.”

If you would like to locate your nearest HB42 stockist, please get in touch with us via email enquiries@hb42.co.uk or call us on 020 8979 8284.

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